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David Greenwood, MS, MA, CCH, CPC

 "Together we will overcome your old habits and behaviors so that you feel confident, joyous and excited to bring forth your hidden abilities and limitless potential which allows you to develop fulfilling relationships, deepen your creative expressions and experience greater passion in every area of your life.”


David Greenwood

  • Are you ready to live a better life now?


  • Together can we answer the three most important questions in life?


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Your Life in the Now!


Why is it important to be free of your old,

negative inner programming?


  • Experience how changing your subconscious beliefs and behaviors creates healthier, more fulfilling relationships

  • Free yourself of the negative, resistive subconscious programming that keeps you from living a joyous, peaceful more fulfilling life.

  • Feel how wonderful it is to release doubt, worry and concern

  • Learn why being in the moment  transforms your life choices


  • Discover how releasing old blockages helps you wake up from old negative trance states and experience joy, peace and fulfillment

  • Imagine what it's like to bring practical spirituality into your daily life

Relationship Coaching

Are you ready to experience how fulfilling your relationships can become?  Let me guide you as together we explore how to change your approach to relationships so that your daily life is transformed.  This is a forward looking process that helps you discover new ways of relating.

Your Living Life in the Now Programs are designed to help you break through the years of self sabotage and limiting beliefs created by your subconscious mind.  Embrace a new way of living free of past conditioning and negative thinking so that you awaken to your life in the now.

Individuals and Groups  

I also offer special, individual guidance working directly with me for longer periods of time for deeper transformation change as well as Group Programs on a variety of issues.  These can be completed both online and in my Bellevue office.  Learn more about these programs here.

Imagine awakening to your life's purpose as you  experience living life in the Now.

Perhaps you have heard that living in the NOW is a path to greater understanding, personal transformation, even a more enlightened life.  

  • What does it mean to live in the Now?
  • Why would you want to live this way?
  • How do you begin to live in the Now?

Once you overcome the self sabotage of your subconscious mind and begin to experience Now Consciousness, you open up to new ways of perception beyond your conditioned mind's worries, fears and negative programming.  I know that when you experience Now Consciousness it will ignite within you a passion which will help you embrace an amazing life as your Authentic Self.

Name, Title


Discover how your daily life transforms when

        you experience Now Consciousness 



   My name is David Greenwood. My passion is to help you     

   overcome your negative, controlling subconscious programming

   that keeps you from becoming your Real Authentic Self.

   As a Counselor, Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach,

   Scientist and Personal Growth Facilitator, I have been involved

   with personal growth and intuitive exploration for over 40


   Let me help you discover greater health, joy and fulfillment by

   moving through the blockages and inner resistance that hold

   you back and sabotage your personal and professional life.

   Isn't it time to deepen your self awareness and bring practical,     

   meaningful changes into your daily life as you awaken each

   morning excited to be alive and looking forward to experiencing

   what will unfold each day?

   Here is a part of my story and how I came to be associated

   with the quest for Now Consciousness.  I share this so that you 

   realize how possible and natural it is for you to transform your

   life today.

   David's Story

"It has been a life changing experience working with David Greenwood.
Since I started working with him I have seen many of my life goals start to
unfold easily and naturally. My health, nutrition, relationships, work
productivity and investment aspirations are all coming together nicely. I am
grateful for his life coaching services."       
Doug C., Bellevue  3/30/2019  (from Yelp review)
"Working with David has been such a positive experience. David really helped me understand and work through mental blocks which were preventing me from being truly happy. I learned so much and it shows in my life and outlook! He is a great listener, gives very insightful feedback, is so dedicated in his practice and willing to do so much for his clients.
I'd recommend him to anyone; from people with larger issues to work through, to those who want a positive change in their lives!"
Victoria E., Seattle   10/11/2018  (from Google review)
"I just completed my 10th session with David and absolutely love working with him! My life has improved so much through working with him.  The best part is that I don't even have to "remember" to be different.  I totally believe in his work and happily recommend him to anyone I meet who's looking to transform their life.  Thank you, David!"
Jean P., Seattle  2/5/2018  (from Yelp review)           
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We offer three programs for change

 Gold -  Create a Healthy Self (Ego)

 Green - Create Emotional Health

 Purple -  Create Insight and Transformation

The Gold program focuses upon being healthily in charge and in control over what you think and feel.  It creates a healthier self and a more positive ego.

The Green Program focuses upon feeling emotionally free of past issues.  It releases old beliefs and behaviors and creates an emotionally present and empowered self.

The Purple Program focuses upon experiencing a transcendent state of being where Now Presence positively transforms your daily life.


My intention is to free your mind of limitation so that you can experience how living this way affects your daily life in both a practical and spiritual way.

You will find more specific Gold issues related to clearing old habits, phobias and negative beliefs discussed at GreenwoodHypnotherapy.com


Learn more about all three programs

To help you experience Now Consciousness, I offer some thoughts from my blog on Living Life in the Now.

Review them

"Ego Says ... Once everything falls into place, I'll find peace. 

Spirit Says ... Find your peace and everything will fall into place."

                                                                                                                  Marianne Williamson

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