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Now Consciousness training is based upon my personal experiences and the teachings of
J. Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, the Course of Miracles, and other Enlightened Beings
You don't have to be in a state of despair or anxiety in order to connect with Now Consciousness
My Story


So, how can I help you to live a happier, for amazing life? 

What do I know about living in the NOW?

There have been three defining moments in my life related to this awakening that all have meaning for you. 


The first was when I was 19 and I had my first experience with Now Consciousness.

The second was when I discovered how my subconscious programming had been sabotaging my emotional and even spiritual quest.

And the third was when my inner resistance diminished so that my daily life began to transform as I connected more with the energy of the present moment.

So, in the beginning, when I was 19 years old I was engaged in an intense inner exploration into the meaning of thought, then suddenly experienced a shift in awareness into Now  consciousness.  

Despite this amazing revelation I was a typical young man who mostly wanted to have fun and experience new things.  I was also starting my life in college which led to my first career as a geologist. Perhaps you have also had a meaningful experience that you wish had brought change to your daily life.

Unlike Eckhard Tolle, who describes his own ego death, my ego fought hard for self preservation and over the years it always won.   The difference was that Tolle had reached a point of utter despair and near suicidal thoughts.  Lacking this ego despair and surrender, I was not able to sustain that healthy state of expanded awareness.  


This created within me an intense inner conflict.  I began to realize that my ego, my subconscious mind, wanted nothing to do with that state of awareness and that this part of me was terrified of relinquishing control to this unknown force.

I began to feel a deep sense of guilt and remorse, as if I had been given an amazing gift and shown my life's purpose and yet had squandered it all away.  I had let down that Presence, the Ground of All Being.  Talk about failure!

Despite this inner turmoil when I did have those  few moments of oneness they brought with it feelings of intense joy and inner freedom, as well as a sense of some deep, pervasive loving presence.

Like you, this conflict led me to question why these wonderful experiences didn't fundamentally change my personality and eliminate my fears and inner resistance.  I still had my doubts, worries and screw-ups!

As I pursued this question I embarked on a journey of inner exploration and discovered that uncovering and releasing instead of ignoring my emotional wounds as my ego had me do all those years helped me to discover a deeper sense of peace and joy. 


My 40 year journey of experiences, insights and understandings has helped me create a comprehensive approach for you to also discover how to also experience life in the moment. 


I know that when you have a healthier subconscious mind it opens up doorways into an expanded state of awareness that will guide and inspire you throughout the rest of your life. 


Call it what you will, that Inner Presence, the Stillness, Divine Guidance or Ground of all Being, it doesn't really matter.  Those are just words.  I want you to experience the joyous state that naturally occurs when you are living in the Now without that inner resistance. 

You don't have to be an Enlightened Being to enjoy living life in the moment.  It's okay to enjoy your daily life and still feel connected with that deeper sense of Presence. 

In his dialogues Eckhard Tolle describes how a state of despair often facilitates this shift in awareness, but I feel that it is not necessary to have to suffer to connect with that Presence.  Yes, your subconscious programming will resist this change, but I want you to know that it is possible from where you are right now without that suffering.

My passion is to help free you from the bonds of your past conditioning so that now you embrace all the benefits of enjoying practical spirituality for an extraordinary life.

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