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Pre-recorded Audios for support and motivation

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How to live the life you want to live

How to meditate with a quiet mind

How to create positive thoughts and feelings

How to focus upon what you want

How to be successful despite the self sabotage within

How to quiet that chattering, critical mind

How to overcome that negative mind

How to discover your Authentic Self

How to connect with your Spiritual Self

How to practice Transcendental Realism (Practical Spirituality) 


Each Program can include these Exercises:

Outdoor Awareness of Mindfulness

Tapping (EFT) for Release


Dialogue with Inner Parts

Connecting with Enlightened Self

Sound Healing

Experience Being In the Now

Motivational Audios

Self Hypnosis

Future Progression

Past Regression

Observing Thoughts and Feeling

Saying What you Want


Email Lessons

Emotional Blueprint through Life

Until Now

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Finally - A Way to Awaken to the NOW. To Experience a New Way of Living That Will Help You to Release Old Blockages that Keep You From Having What You Desire 

Perhaps you are aware that all life takes place in the NOW, in the moment, or that you have heard that living in the NOW is a path to greater understanding, even enlightenment.  Whatever your beliefs, I want to offer you a simple way to automatically:

  • Bring your awareness instantly into the NOW

  • Discover the benefits of living in the NOW

  • Enjoy releasing old habits and patterns of behavior as you are in the NOW

  • Use this awareness to experience the expanded reality in the NOW


If you are ready to breakthrough and embrace a new way of being,

please read on


That's right!  Being in the now is also a valuable key to create your dreams

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles standing in your way.

Creating a mind that lives in the moment seems nearly impossible given that your mind is filled with constant thoughts, worries and fears.


When you discover how your resistive, overly-protected subconscious mind is programmed negatively, you realize how vital it is to address this part of you so that you can end the self sabotage that it creates.

No, it isn't always easy to disconnect from your subconscious programming, but it is worth the effort.

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So, how do I know what living in the NOW is like?

When I was 19 years old I experienced a profound sense of transformational awareness of being in the NOW which lit an inner fire that would burn within me the rest of my life.

This inner guidance began to manifest as new ways of Being that came from experiencing the NOW.

And even as the experience of being in the NOW Moment began to come to me, in the beginning it was still elusive as I hadn't fully addressed my own underlying subconscious worries and fears.

My old subconscious programming resisted being in the NOW as it meant a state of being without its control.

But even with this inner conflict I still occasionally would feel an utter sense of peace, joy and wonderment come over me, a feeling of being in the NOW, affording me a glimpse of what seemed like a Reality so profound, so amazing that it began to completely change my life.

And as I healed old wounds with emotional growth work I began to experience the NOW moment more and more, creating significant changes in my life as I realized how life altering this connection could become.

These experiences opened me up to a new way of living beyond my conditioned mind's worries, fears and negative programming.


Over the years as I continued to work on my issues both on my own and in relationships, my connection improved and it became more natural and normal for me to experience that sense of inner calm and awareness.

My 40 year journey of understanding has helped me create a simplified program for you to discover how to live in the moment.


That's right.  All that I have learned and experienced I am now ready to share with you.


Not only will you learn valuable techniques and exercises to help you experience this expanded state of awareness, but for the first time I will also be sharing my own personal experiences and the specific steps I followed to allow them to unfold.

The first step is understanding why you don't naturally live in this state of Awareness.  To understand why a part of you actively resists living in the NOW.

Most try to achieve the NOW by having you focus on various techniques, affirmations or studies.  But they miss the most important consideration of all... In order to achieve this level of awareness, it is vital to remove that which sabotages your dreams.

My focus is on helping you to uncover the truth of how your mind works.

 “Ok, Sounds Great - But How Do I Do That?!”


When you discover how wonderful it is to experience the NOW, you will also find that everything changes for the better.  I want you to manifest and experience the profound joy and happiness of being in the NOW... to learn how this connection will transform your life as it has mine.

Light that fire within you so that it will also guide you on your journey toward healing and fulfillment.  When you feel the change you realize how vitally important it is for you to heal old wounds and fulfill your destiny.  Connecting with the NOW supports your efforts to change your life for the better.

This allows you to take control of your realize life is designed to bring you what you feel like you deserve at a deep subconscious level of belief.

Only then can transformation occur.



When you move your awareness into the “NOW” -
you take charge of your life and everything begins to change for the better


Let's be clear, being in the NOW is a wonderful step on your life's journey.  Yes, it feels amazing and inspiring and it guides you toward self fulfillment.  You realize life is waiting for you to open up and embrace it even deeper.  

It isn't always easy or joyous, but when you heal old wounds and learn your life lessons, you awaken to a new day in a whole other way.

Are you ready to experience the profound changes that happen financially, emotionally and spiritually when you discover how powerful it is to live in the NOW and decide when its important to do so?


So if you are ready, NOW it’s your turn


Here's some good news...


You don’t have to “live” permanently in the NOW 
to see profound changes in your life


I wasn’t in the Present Moment all the time when I changed my inner life (far from it).

Instead, I continued to use a simple process to “shift into” the moment when I had time to myself.  And I worked on my issues.  After that it became easier and more natural to do so.   

Especially during distressing moments, it is essential to regain your healthy, inner balance by moving your awareness into this state of mind where you experience life as your Authentic Self.  

And the more you do this, the better you feel and the faster things change.


And it works for everyone!

Since many of my clients struggle with their fears and anxieties about the future, I decided to create a simple program to help everyone move into the NOW.

To give you a taste of this amazing experience so that you can continue the journey on your own.

So, are you ready to take this journey with me?

Let me guide you to the doorway of the NOW so that you have the strength and ability to walk through on your own.


Awaken to the NOW

In “Awaken to the NOW!”, I help you first remove obstacles blocking your efforts then help you experience this expanded level of awareness.

The core of the program is delivered in 5 weekly installments in the form of downloadable mp3 audios, videos and PDF transcripts.


Week 1.  What's stopping or holding you back from being in the Now right now?  Included is a brief review of why it's so hard to experience living in the moment and what's holding you back.

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Week 2.   Why is it good to be in the Now? What are the benefits of living in the Now?  Why would you want to experience this state of mind?

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Week 3.   How would you know you are in the Now?  What is it like to be there?  What exactly will the experience be like when this occurs?

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Week 4.   Ready to experience being in the Now?  So once you decide how beneficial it is to be in the moment, here are some things you can do to make it happen.

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Week 5.   What does it take to be in the Now more often? Now that you have experienced being in the Now, how can you use this experience in your daily life?  How can it become natural for you?

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The program also has other components which include a live session and bonus audios.


Everything you need to experience and Awaken to the Now 
is explained in an easy, step by step way

Click Here to Order Awaken to the NOW!


Bonus Audios

These bonus audios were created to enhance your “Awaken to the NOW!” program and help you become successful.


Bonus Audio #1:

"Until Now"

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Bonus Power Audio #2:

Health, Wealth and Happiness

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Resolve Your Inner Beliefs About Relationships to Transform Them

  • Perhaps your relationship with your spouse needs reworking

  • Maybe they feel like you don't know how to open up

  • Could it be that you just don't know what the problem is?

  • Is it time to renew your vows?

  • Does your long-term relationship need jump-starting?

  • Would you like to start over?

  • Does your romantic partner demand that you make changes?

  • Maybe you are confused over how to proceed?

  • Perhaps a new relationship is causing you self doubt and concern

Schedule your complimentary 40 minute "Transformational Session".  Learn how Romantic Coaching for Seattle and Bellevue can help you find and keep the love of your life.

  • Together we will create a clear vision for the kind of person you’d like to attract and the kind of relationship you’d like to have

  • We will explore hidden challenges that sabotage your success with romance

  • Discover how to re-energize your romantic relationships

  • You will leave the session with a renewed sense of direction and energy to find the love you deserve and desire


We will discover how:

  • your inner parts are the primary forces that choose your romantic partners.

  •  your resistive inner part sabotages your efforts

  •  to open up to your partner and heal your old, negative beliefs and behaviors

  •  to trust that you can have the relationship that brings you joy and fulfillment

  •  it is time to say yes to being the healthy individual you want to be


Together we will set a course that resolves old beliefs and behaviors and creates new skills and abilities for success.  Become the individual who draws the mate you desire.