Caretaker and a People Pleaser


You have taken a positive, decisive step forward by uncovering your main form of self-sabotage:

You are a caretaker and a people pleaser.

This is what keeps you from creating an amazing relationship and the life you were meant to live with the person you want to share it with.


Are you ready to learn how to overcome this form of subconscious self-sabotage?

As a people pleaser or caretaker, you often do everything you can to make others happy. Your kind, generous, caring nature focuses on helping others get what they want and need.

Is there anything wrong with being kind, caring and helpful?

Absolutely not!

Unless it comes at your own expense.


Taking care of everyone else can be exhausting, leaving you drained, overwhelmed and stretched in too many directions.

It does you, your loved ones, and everyone else no good for you to become rundown, unhealthy and drained. Sometimes you find that your helpful nature may actually rob someone of a valuable lesson that they need to learn.

It also can attract the wrong type of relationship.


And here’s a difficult truth to hear…you will find that what fuels your desire to help others is partly based upon your own issues.

What are these issues?

For example, as we grow up we often are subjected to experiences that force our controlling subconscious mind to change our inner beliefs about ourselves and how to best cope with life.

Perhaps you move to a new school and as the new kid others may pick on you or make fun of you, as children often do to cover up their own feelings of anxiety and despair. Your subconscious mind decides that the best way to survive is to please others, to do what makes them happy, so that they will like or at least stop picking on us.

Perhaps your parents gave you a lot of praise when you did well in school, causing you to feel that you weren’t ok or respected or loved as you are, you were only loved as you do. Most parents didn’t know that you would react this way.

Right now, take just one minute and reflect back upon how experiences in your own life could have created these beliefs.


Yes, we help others so that they will like us.

This approach of “doing” to get attention, love and admiration creates a core belief of not being good enough and we transfer these beliefs into our desire for romantic relationships as well.


As a caretaker, you often find that you may draw a romantic relationship that will suck you dry, take advantage of you, leave you exhausted and unfulfilled, that you are often the one who gives, only to find that you get little in return.

As you become emotionally healthier, the healthier your partner will be, as you draw to you what you feel like you deserve.

So now you understand more about why you are a people pleaser and how it negatively affects the type of person you draw, so what can you do about it?


First, let me take a few moments to tell you why you should take a few minutes to attend to what I say.



My name is David Greenwood. Over the last 25 years I have used counseling, hypnotherapy, life coaching, and other forms of personal growth facilitation to help thousands of clients achieve their dreams.


My website at contains all the 5 star Google and Yelp reviews I have received over the years.

My first training was in relationship and I personally had to overcome severe caretaking to heal my wounds as well.

Yes, I know this one well, for I did everything I could to make others like me by giving them what they wanted.


The good news was that after resolving my own people pleasing issues I still retained my kind nature and desire to healthily help others, just no longer at my expense.

I found something that I once lacked called “healthy boundaries”, which is what I want you to experience as well.


So, the first step is realizing you have this programming playing within you, one that directs your subconscious mind to actively support this belief you have about yourself, what you deserve and how to do relationships.

Remember, most of this was created over the first 16 years of your life when your mind was in a state of first theta then alpha brainwaves, which are very suggestible states of consciousness and program your core beliefs as to what you deserve and the relationships you draw.

It’s vital to first understand the issue then set a course to create new, healthy beliefs in your subconscious mind.

We offer an integrated program of life coaching, self hypnosis, counseling and numerous other self growth modalities.

Healthy individuals have healthy relationships.


It isn’t easy to overcome years of negative programming, but you are worth it!

To this end, I would like to offer you a free video to help you understand how and why your subconscious controls you so that you can take the first step of taking back control over how you think, feel, say and do.

As you can imagine, this has everything to do with the quality and nature of your romantic relationships.

Here’s the link to your free video, and after watching it I know you will feel hopeful to finally have the key as to how to overcome the self-sabotage and create amazing relationships.


Which now you will.

Enjoy the video!

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