Group, Individual and Relationship Coaching Sessions


Bonus Video:  3 Actions You Need To Take For Amazing, Deeply Satisfying Relationships

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We offer group, individual and relationship coaching sessions.  These include online interactive groups and individual/relationship sessions that can be completed both in my Bellevue, WA office, by phone or online video conferencing.

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Relationship Coaching Sessions

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What do you want to achieve in your relationships?

  • Increased capacity to be open to a relationship?

  • Improved ability to express yourself and your feelings?

  • Resolving your issues of frustration and anger?

  • Releasing your inner conflict?

  • Overcoming old relationships that hold you back?

  • Opening your heart to accept love?

  • Reigniting your passion for life?

I want you to be the person you wish to be - in relationships, in business, in friendships, in life.

Bonus Video:  3 Actions You Need To Take For Amazing, Deeply Satisfying Relationships

Watch This Now!

Individual Coaching and Hypnosis  Sessions


To review more in depth all the individual topics that we cover for coaching, counseling and hypnotherapy in our Bellevue office and by phone/skype, please visit our website at



Self Improvement Topics in our Gold Program Include: 

Release Worries, Concerns and Self Doubt

Regain Your Healthy Weight

Eliminate Fears and Phobias

Embrace Healthy Relationships

Enjoy Giving Talks and Presentations

Resolve Sexual Issues

Greater Success with Sales

Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Peacefully 

Passing the Bar Exam and Other Tests

Reduce Anger

Release Biting or Picking Skin or Nails

Improving Sports Performance

   and more....

Online Group Sessions

Our online group programs are available anywhere in the world and are available online either live or reviewed at your convenience. 







Current Topics Include: 

1. Learning How to Inhabit a Healthy Relationship for Men

  • Helping men in current relationships

  • What needs to be addressed

  • How to change old habits



2. Preparing for Healthy Relationships for both Women and Men

  • Helping women and men who wish to find a healthy relationship

  • What to watch out for within you

  • Why you can't always trust your gut

Groups are designed as an 6 week, once a week program, taught live and recorded for review at your convenience


  Please contact me for more information