• David

What Will It Be? The Red Pill...Or The Blue Pill?

Welcome this is David Greenwood of your Life in the Now. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to visit me for a while.

In the movie, The Matrix, the main character is offered two choices, a red and a blue pill.

Each led to another destiny.

The red pill meant a desire to awaken to reality, although this knowledge brought some real challenges.

The blue pill represented a life of security and blissful ignorance.

If you want your life to continue the same way it’s going, making the same choices, the same habits, the same life, then stop reading. This isn’t for you. 

If instead, you are ready to open up to an inner reality that sometimes brings challenging self awareness, along with inner freedom, then read on.

Okay. If you are brave enough to continue, let’s start by saying that I’d like to think that we’re two old friends walking together on a path leading through the meadow on a beautiful sunny day…the sky’s brilliantly blue and we’re just strolling along discussing the questions that are important to both of us…questions we have about life…the things we think about late at night… or our thoughts about the nature of reality.

Over the course of these articles I want to explore topics that intrigue me and perhaps you’ll find them of interest as well.

Let’s consider what is both within our minds and that questions that seem as unattainable as what lies beyond the stars. About whether its possible to live a life free from the constant worries and fears that plague us all. 

Why are we pondering these issues?

Perhaps it’s as simple as we are compelled to do so. That some of our experiences have led us both to a place where we are ready to take action, to set ourselves free from difficult relationships, challenging jobs, health problems, stress, worry and concern.

I think that we both wonder that if we could experience that which is beyond words and ideas, something that will awaken us into a new way of being, our life would naturally be positively affected.

Let’s consider that such an experience brings with it a transformational energy that could help us be free from the negative conditioning of our subconscious mind.

If it is really possible to create a healthier ego that allows us to experience life without the movement of our negative thoughts so that our daily lives would never be the same again.

Welcome to life after the red pill.


Imagine what it’s like to free up your ego to embrace both creativity and analytical thought, of being and doing, the yin-yang, the masculine and the feminine aspects and experience a healthier balance. Experiencing life with this level of intelligence could allow us to embrace whatever destiny stirs our soul. I doubt we are here to be overcome by constant worry and concern and finally die without ever truly living.

If we could experience some Essence or Presence that is always around us we would never have to meditate again for that quietness, that energy would always there.

Your life would be lived within this reality. Could it be that all it takes is for our thoughts to slow down and naturally come to an end. Others have stated this as their perception. If experiencing life without the movement of thoughts could bring a heightened level of living it would naturally be available for everyone. It wouldn’t matter who you were, what religion you had, your race, age, sex or anything else.

Could we really have a spiritual experience when we at least temporarily stop thinking?

Of course you can’t force yourself to stop your thoughts because that requires a movement of your ego.

However, when it falls away on its own It could be that connection naturally occurs and ushers us into that joy that always surrounds us.

I know. It is a paradox. That any attempt to reach this level of awareness or connect with this Presence is an act of will and just won’t happen.

Thought has to drop away on its own when you see the truth of who you are and no longer need to be caught up in the cycle of thought and fear.

So that the experience of Presence can’t be an end in itself, but just the amazing result of seeing and experiencing how our conditioned mind is causing our issues.

So as we walk together along this trail on a beautiful day we are beginning to understand why it is so important to resolve the resistance of our own thinking, of our own subconscious mind. Only then could we be free of our deeper conditioning and perhaps discover what life could be without it.

Otherwise spiritual pursuit is the result of the movement of thought and in essence it’s your ego that is trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment and freedom.

Today as we walk along we are discussing beginnings, for it is important to start at the beginning…perhaps to honestly discuss the experiences that have led us to our level of understanding…which perhaps will help us both understand why we are so passionate about becoming free of our negatively conditioned mind…to help us both embrace our authentic selves and naturally experience living life in the now.

For me, I realize that I was just an average kid growing up in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula across from Seattle. Doing the best that I could to enjoy high school and trying to make sense of this busy time of friends, dating and other pursuits. Some days were great and others not so good.

Through it all what helped me were my two passions for science and psychic phenomena. At 13 I developed an overwhelming desire to understand the supernatural, mystical world of the occult, and this led me to read books on reincarnation, karma, the after life and much more. I found Edgar Cayce, Seth, the I AM Presence, Masters of the Far East and Theosophy.

This focus led me to a place where I gained both respect for and fear of these hidden worlds.

During the summer of my senior year my brother and I had some very confusing, exciting and terrifying experiences. It certainly opened my eyes to an entirely different way of perceiving the world and to even more challenging questions of life.

Perhaps on a future talk we can discuss more in depth about my experiences that summer, but let’s just say that in later years on camping trips when my friends and I would gather around the campfire and share ghost stories, few of my friends knew that the stories I shared actually happened to me.

All this led me to question what was truth and what did it mean to be alive.

As my life progressed as both a scientist and researcher into the spiritual realm, I discovered more mystical studies as well as many transformational experiences, even though my progress was more of a lurching forward than a smooth flow.

After all, I was a typical guy in his mid 20s, enjoying sports and living in Denver. For months I would abandon or simply forget my spiritual interests until something would occur to remind me that it was time to get back on track for what I could only guess was a deeper study of necessity, but for what reason, I had no clue. To me, it seemed like all I did was fail to achieve any permanent breakthrough in consciousness. I would get so close and then my ego would drag me back to the challenges of daily life.

So as we walk along on this beautiful day sharing our stories about life’s questions and our experiences, we come upon the fact that we all have something within us that holds us back and often causes us to do things we really don’t want to do.

As if there’s another part of us that