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We offer Integrated Programs for Personal Growth that Includes Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Inner Parts Resolution, Personal Growth Guidance, Mindfulness Training, Guided Meditation and More


Our Gold Program helps you discover the amazing you within, your healthy mind that feels safer, creative, happy and empowered to experience life with a more positive mind set


Our Green Program resolves your emotional wounds to create the growth and freedom from inner worries and fears as you resolve the past issues of your wounded inner parts


Our Purple program completes your transformation using intuition, insight and personal transcendent processes as you connect with life in the Now and become your Authentic Self

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Gold Program - Discover an Amazing You


The Gold Program combines a wide variety of approaches to create a Healthy Self

This program is to resolve your issues that reside within what is called your subconscious mind, those aspects of your mind that control nearly everything you think, do, say and feel.

For the first 16 years of your life you are in both theta and alpha brainwave, which we actually use for hypnosis due to their suggestive nature.  So for the first 16 years you were in a light trance, mostly unable to ignore anything negative said about you or anything difficult that happened to you. 


Unable to put these into their true context, your subconscious adopted these negative experiences and they became your core beliefs.  Of course there were also many positive experiences, but it is the negative ones we are most concerned with here.


Your subconscious mind actively supports this early belief about who you are and what you deserve, even though consciously you might wish otherwise.  Your subconscious is programmed to protect you and often will subtly distract, hold you back or actively sabotage your efforts to change.

This program is designed to help you create a healthy subconscious mind, to establish healthy, true beliefs about yourself and your abilities.  .or whatever erroneously they once believed.  Helping them experience that truth that there never was anything wrong with you and that others caused these issues then frees them to release within you their healthy aspects and frees us from old issues.  

Having a healthy ego allows you to continue to self heal and experience healthy spiritual awakenings.

This program is to:


  • Create a healthy foundation for the emergence of your joyous Authentic Self


  • Eliminate self-sabotage and inner resistance for a positive, supportive subconscious mind


  • Awaken each morning refreshed, energized and excited about your day


  • Become confident, positive, happy, healthy, empowered and free to experience life in a more relaxed, comfortable and joyous state of mind


Ancient traditions expressed your desire for safety, security, creativity and power in the terms of red, orange and yellow intensities or chakras. Gold is the combination of these colors and represents your lower chakra energies.


This program's goal is to establish a healthier self, a more positive ego, to give you the focus, motivation and ability to address your inner issues and feel more empowered, happy and free to become your Authentic Self.

This program typically is completed in 2-3 months. Your individual process determines how long this phase will last.  

After completing this program, many clients then want to continue to release old issues, old behaviors, old programming that affects their emotional ability to be in the moment without being triggered by past conditioning.

For this process, I have created my Green Program.

Green Program - Enjoy Emotional Freedom

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The Green Program focuses on journaling, hypnosis and dialogue to create self love

This program is to resolve your issues that reside within what is called your inner parts, those aspects of your subconscious mind that represent the wounded younger experiences of your past.

Traumatic events of the past or a long period of difficult life situations cause us to be filled with self doubt, anxiety, worry and unhappiness that become locked within us.

Unable to healthily process these feelings cause us to seal them away, but present day events trigger those memories and those parts of us that are wounded so that we constantly are drawn back to old behaviors.

This program is designed to find, connect, and help these parts release what once created them and still hold them back - an inner belief that they weren't good enough, smart enough, strong enough, loving enough...or whatever erroneously they once believed.  Helping them experience the truth that there never was anything wrong with you and that others caused these issues then frees them to release within you their healthy aspects and frees us from old issues.


  • Discover your wounded inner parts and resolve resistive subconscious habit patterns


  • Focus on releasing issues to help your inner parts express and heal their wounds


  • Transform inner doubt into trust and support

  • Connect to your Guardian, the voice of your subconscious mind


  • Discover your mate within and restore your Guardian's trust


Ancient traditions expressed your desire for love, emotional health and balance in the terms of a green color or chakra.


This program's goal is to achieve your natural desire for health, balance and love.  It focuses on helping you create emotional freedom by discovering, resolving and healing your inner parts that reside in your subconscious mind and hold the key to your happiness and fulfillment.

This program is typically completed in 2-3 months. Your individual process determines how long this phase will last.

Then if you are ready to experience life in the Now as your Authentic Self, move into the Purple Program.

Purple Program - Your Life in the Now

In the Now_edited.png

This program focuses upon unleashing your intuition and insight so that you experience practical spirituality, living your daily life with the support of Now Consciousness.  

This program is to help awaken you to the present moment, to the Now.  After creating a healthier subconscious ego and resolving old emotional wounds you are now open to become the Authentic You.  

The natural expression of your new self is open to experiencing the ever-present energy that we exist within which called by many names.  I called it Source energy or Presence - that which creates a deep sense of peace, joy and dynamic expression.

In this state you do not seek spiritual enlightenment, you are that.  Any movement to become is an old, conditioned expression of the ego.

Instead, discover what it is like to live your daily life from this state of being.  Imagine how it will transform your relationships, creative endeavors, daily activities, career choices, social functions, and so much more.

We will explore what the great spiritual teachers and sages of the past have said about this Essence, this way of living.  It is a subtle but powerful process to change yourself and the world around you.


This program is to:

  • Learn how and why you want to live life in the Now


  • Experience how the ending of thought is the key to being in the moment


  • Discover how "what is" is the key to releasing inner conflict

  • Open up to experiencing what its like to connect with the Ground of All Being?

Ancient traditions expressed your desire for intuition, insight and transformation in the terms of a purple color or chakra.  

This program's goal is to experience the amazing force of Now Consciousness.  When you feel the joy of this loving Presence nothing in your life will ever be the same.  It ignites your spirit with an awareness of what its like to live a life beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

This program typically is completed in 2-3 months. Your individual process determines how long this phase will last.

Each program is uniquely designed for your transformation

My purpose is to help you become a Modern Mystic - one who lives life with an awakened mind.  Eckhard Tolle said it best in his wonderful book/audio, "Stillness Speaks".  I highly recommend you purchase it.  Here is a brief part of the introduction. Please take a moment to listen so that understand the depth of this spiritual process.



  • Each program includes at least 7 live lessons guided by me 

  • Programs include Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnosis and much more


  • Start with a short positive exercise

  • Experience a Self Confidence hypnosis session


  • Includes specific audios, videos and inspiring written material


  • Personal support by facebook group, email and webinar

  • Enjoy your mp3 session audios to support your growth


  • Motivational Audios for listening to anytime/anywhere

  • All webinars recorded for later viewing

  • Receive all slides of webinar training

  • Complete each program at your own pace

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